So i was tagged in this random 20 songs thing by hitmonliam and 360cub

Future of the Left - Stand by Your Manatee

Dog Fashion Disco - Pour Some Urine on Me

The Eels - This is Where it Gets Good

Chris Wood - One in a Million

Blood Brothers - The Shame

Hanson - Breaktown

Thursday - You Were the Cancer

Ólöf Arnalds - Vinur Minn

My Favorite Co Pilot - Kiss Me I’m Bleeding

Rachel Stamp - My Sweet Rose

Hanson - Sound of Light

Gomez - Our Goodbye

earthtone9 - Walking Day

Real Tuesday Weld - The Eternal Seduction of Eve

Laura Marling - Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)

Easyworld - Demons

Stevie Nicks - Leather and Lace

The Hold Steady - Don’t Let Me Explode

Gomez - Chasing Ghosts with Alcohol

Efterklang - Collecting Shields

Wow - there’s some awesome songs in there! Ive highlighted the ones you should TOTALLY listen to!

dunno who to tag…

iwasacactus jointnat parttimebaconwizard willcolbykettles majikthise

360cub asked:

You forgot Seaworld.

Maybe i didnt…?


Seaworld - urgh… lets just go with Journey to Atlantis… Gets you wet with a half decent ride attached to it.

And if were going to get picky…

Aquatica - Roas Rapids. Seriously… i swear i lost a stone in weight the amount we went around this.

Blizzard Beach - Summit Plummet and the 10 seconds of HOLY FUCK WHAT AM I DOING!?

Typhoon Lagoon - Surf pool awesomeness

Downtown Disney - Disney Quest level 3. The hours you can waste at the shooters!

360cub asked:

Favourite ride in each of the Florida parks?

USF - Hmm… Possibly E.T. Im going to miss the smell of this ride when it goes :o(

IOA - Spiderman - seriously, is there any contest? Just like it to be know, Cat in the Hat would have once upon a time come a close second before stupid people who ignore safety rules and restrictions made it become alot lamer… grrrrrr)

EPCOT - Soarin - Cliche yes i know… but damn its perdy. Spaceship earth comes in a very VERY close second, but its lets down considerably by Dame Judy saying “Math”! C’mon Judy, you are English!

Magic Kingdom - Little Mermaid those animatronics are ama… HA i crack myself up sometimes. Erm probably Haunted Mansion. Its a classic.

MGM Studios - ooooo tough… Lets go with Tower of Terror - the cast always make up for any shortcomings the randomness of the ride might have.

Animal Kingdom - The exit HAHA see i did a funny one again… errm well you dont goto AK for rides really… the safari? kinda cool even if they got rig of the whole story element to it which was awesome.

Busch Africa - Gwazi - the best woodie in the world and you are wondering what the best ride is here? c’mon you know i would have said this one from the off!

Anonymous asked:

Top ten saddest moments in film

I don’t want to spoil anything so i guess ill try to be vaguely cryptic to everything and if you’ve seen it you’ll know what i’m talking about! I wont give the usual suspects like Ghost or My Girl, ill do the ones from films i thoroughly enjoyed and watch repeatedly!

Serenity - “He ain’t comin’” ARGH!

Dancer in the Dark - The whole film… like seriously…

Grave of the Firefly’s - This film destroyed my soul. And if you dont know which part… you dont have one…

UP - the first 10 mins… like WTF…

Barney’s Version - When he starts to loose his memory and urgh… Giamatti just does this role perfectly.

Finding Neverland - When the play ends i just… can’t… urgh…

Bridge to Terabithia - When something happens… that something punches you like a huge bag of bricks.

Moulin Rouge - Such huge highs and lows in this film. But yeh i remember it hitting hard when i first saw it.

Castaway - Wilson… the loss of the best acting of that film.

Edward Scissorhands - *sigh* the ice/snow scene