Anonymous asked:

Shave your beard, you look fucking gross. The end.

I LOVE how people cant grasp the concept of tumblr… If i offend you so much you why dont you just unfollow me so that i dont infect your dash with my face.

Or if you follow somebody who has reblogged something i posted that is offensive… Take it up with them not me.

To purposefully go out of your way to say something to me is just plain weird… Like hanging around a primary school weird… As you are looking into something you dont want to yet a small group of people feel compelled to…

Plus when people do anything on anon like this it shows that you know right and wrong and you choose not to do what’s right. Your mother would be absolutely ashamed of you as you should be also.

What makes this really funny too is you will be hanging around my blog to see if i respond… and then send another troll. Rinse, repeat, ad nauseam.

Oh and who the fuck ends sentences with The End!? Is this the 90s? Surely thats what a full stop is for, no?

The End.

*fk yeh im well-ard bastard i am*