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Thinking of a new photo series…

Been toying with ideas for a little while now of new photo ideas and a new series of photos, (many aren’t capable by the tech i currently own which is sad) however there is one which i would love to try right now.

30 Minutes with… on the (or in the)…

(eg, 30 Minutes with Panok, on the Couch (or in the kitchen))

Where i offer my services for 30 mins (timed) of people in their homes and to see where it goes and see what kind of images i can get without any direction from myself.

It just interests me the psychology of people and the “Selfie” culture that is growing and growing around photography and given a timed environment without input where will it go.

I can speculate to my hearts content what would happen and how the images would change after 10 mins or 20 mins but would love to see it happen.

Plus any american followers that will be around orlando for the first 3 weekends of halloween horror nights id love to extend the offer to you too and see possibilities of cultural differences.

So yeh :) please let me know if you want to partake (couples included). 

|_1|<e 7_0|v|9!!!!one!!1!!11

just hit over 100 followers! that came out of nowhere :) thank you peeps for following and i cant believe that many people have clicked that little old button for me. 

Big question what can i do to celebrate!? what would you wanna see? What would you wanna hear? What would you want me to do? What would you like me to answer (this i can do right now as im camping for Arcturis on WoW right now ha)? 


Thank you!!!! 

Hugs and Love!! xx




daily reminder to stop supporting stephen colbert

wheres the joke? wheres the joke colbert

This is the joke. The joke is that the Washington Redskins organization refuses to acknowledge that the term “Redskins” may in fact be racist, so they started an organization to provide resources to Native Americans, which completely misses the point.

Colbert’s (non-existent, btw) “Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever” is a parody of what the Redskins organization is actually doing in actual reality

It’s lampooning actually stupid bullshit that you, for some reason, are NOT paying attention to.

That’s the joke, you humorless animals.

PLUS @colbertreport is not owned or run buy Stephen or anybody connected with the show… Its a fan run twitter… If you want his private twitter its @stephenathome iirc which he DID apologise from on behalf of this confusion!! Which he didnt need to do, he is kinda nice like that it seems….

So… This guy made a joke on his show another person parodied the parody of the joke and now his show is being targeted by people who get angry first ask questions/research second… Well not even second… More like third or fourth after telling the internet they are angry And maybe start a revolution through rutting hashtags.


… …

*burns the internet*


PURPLEI don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.

YELLOWI wish we were friends in real life.

RED: I think you are arrogant and I’d like to unfollow you but your blog is awesome so I won’t.

GREYI wish we talked more and were friends.

TURQUOISE: I would hug you if we met.

PINKI love your blog it’s one of my favourite.

TEALYou annoy me at times.

BLUEYou are my tumblr crush.

ORANGEI don’t like your blog.


GREENI think you’re cute.

CORAL: I think my life would be incomplete without you.

BLACK: Black looks good on you.

BROWNI don’t like you.

This might cheer me up a bit

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